Products We strive to be the best building controls system integrator in the Atlantic region by staying ahead with new technology that we apply to our projects on a daily basis.

An integral part of our company goal to be the best building controls systems integrator and HVAC service provider in the Atlantic Region is staying ahead of the pack with the technology we apply to projects on a daily basis. A key to that is our strategic partnership with Delta Controls.

Delta Controls Overview:
Delta Controls is Canada’s leading manufacturer of native BACnet Direct Digital Controls systems. Located in Surrey, B.C. Delta Controls is on the leading edge of native BACnet building automation systems. Our relationship with Delta started in 1988 and we are recognized as their 3rd largest Partner Globally. This is the single most important alliance to our core business and it is based on mutual respect, cooperation and a common goal of leading edge, cost effective solutions and customer satisfaction. Delta Controls is a Canadian owned and operated company that has grown to be an international supplier of native BACnet systems on six continents and over 35 countries around the world. Delta has been involved in some very high profile and key BACnet installations that have become award-winning projects.

CENTINEL Services and Delta Controls are strong proponents of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135 – BACnet, A Data Communications Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. This standard was developed by industry consensus for the benefit of building operators and owners to allow for maximum system flexibility and cost-effectiveness and has now become the controls industry standard for the world.

Delta Controls was an original member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association and the BACnet Testing Laboratory. Delta was the first Building Controls manufacturer to develop native BACnet lighting and access control solutions. They have been marketing their Lighting and Access Controls solutions for the past 10 years and are well on the way to being a total building system integration company.

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